Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Boise River Home Repair and Remodel Can Clean & Seal your Tile.

Ceramic tile and grout require routine cleaning. Grout is porous and it absorbs nearly everything it comes into contact with. Without grout sealer, your tile grout will absorb water and dirt. Combine that with daily traffic and your grout will be looking very rough.

If you are wondering the best way to combat this problem in your kitchen, bathroom, floor, or patio, then ask who is the best tile cleaning and sealing company around?

The answer: Boise River Home Repair & Remodel!

Our trained professionals are ready to come to you and help in evaluating your tile surfaces.  We provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE as well!

Protect Your Investment



Are you tired of dull, stained, and discolored tile and grout that is difficult to clean? Do you have a buildup of grime, soap scum, mold or mildew? Let Boise River Home Repair and Remodel clean and seal your bathroom’s hard surfaces.

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Has your kitchen countertop lost its shine? Kitchen countertops will fade and become discolored over time. Get your FREE Consultation today to bring it back to life, and make it easier to clean, only with Boise River Home Repair and Remodel.

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Cleaning and sealing your hard surface flooring is essential to keeping it beautiful. Boise River Home Repair and Remodel will keep your hard surfaces permanently sealed, providing maximum protection.

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Boise River Home Repair and Remodel specializes in patios, concrete, pavers, stone walkways, and more! We know how to get your outdoor living space beautiful again with our cleaning and sealing service.

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