Home Repair

When stuff breaks, we fix it.

Boise River Home Repair and Remodel knows what homeowners need when it comes to home repair.

Boise River Home Repair and Remodel knows what homeowners need when it comes to home repair.

Our home improvement professionals save you the time and money. We believe in a solution where one call can get your local Boise River Home Repair and Remodel expert on his way to repairing whatever you need fixed. You can depend on us to MAKE IT RIGHT with our home repair services.

Homeowners will tell you that owning a house is an expensive proposition. Every month you have your mortgage payment. Homeowner’s insurance and property taxes to pay. Monthly utility bills to pay, but most of all, there are repairs that are needed to keep your home working and looking great. Companies can  charge high fees to stop leaks, keep lights working, and maintain the structural integrity of your house. Boise River Home Repair and Remodel offers exceptional service with fair prices. You will save when it comes to small and even large repairs.

Below is just some of the home repair services that we offer.  If you do not see a home repair service that you need below,  Do not worry, just give us a call as we handle ALL aspects of home repair.

Home Repair Services

Home Repair Services


Bathrooms in your home have the most traffic. Therefore it is important to fix issues as they appear.  Boise River Home Repair and Remodel are your bathroom repair experts.

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If you would like to finally fix that leaking faucet or install a brand new counter top, we can help. Boise River Home Repair and Remodel MAKE IT RIGHT!

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Need to repair or replace boards damaged by pets, water, furniture, or  moving? Laminate, carpet, tile, and wood, our local home repair experts have an average of 20 years of experience performing complete tear-outs and repair.

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Does your floor have rot or insect problems?  Do you feel the floor give when you walk? Or does your home need structural repair due to moisture?  Whatever is wrong with your home, Boise River Home Repair and Remodel is ready to repair or replace your structure.  We are experts in all phases of repair, construction, and remodel.

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Windows & Doors

Installing a new window is a great way to increase natural light coming into your home. Maybe you just want to replace your existing windows? We are experienced with all manner of sash, casement windows, new tilt windows, and new styles of energy-efficient windows. Boise River Home Repair and Remodel is a Certified Pella Contractor.

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Do you have small projects with wiring and electrical components. At Boise River Home Repair and Remodel, NO JOB IS TOO SMALL. We professionally install electric appliances and fix problems with light switches, dimmers and lighting fixtures.

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Is your walkway damaged, uneven, or cracking?  Maybe your patio is stained or broken.  Boise River Home Repair and Remodel is your expert when it comes to concrete repair and replacement!  We make it new again and with quality that lasts for a long time so you can relax and enjoy your home.  See our recent patio work on our recent work page.

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